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École St.-Jean Baptiste students learn new sewing skills

École St.-Jean Baptiste students learn new sewing skills

Grade 8 students at École St.-Jean Baptiste got a chance to brush up on some hands-on skills that perhaps aren’t as utilized as they once were.

Principal Diana Bala said last Friday was an opportunity for students to learn more about sewing and making their own clothes, noting it is a profession that has declining numbers. The goal was to give the students some experience in sewing and tailoring.

“They are working with the parents and the grandparents,” said Bala.

Approximately 25 Grade 8 students participated, with some starting in one classroom cutting and measuring fabric while others went to a second classroom where they got experience on a sewing machine. Bala pointed out they used all necessary safety precautions while making their own pajamas, with the help of the adults.

“They are getting a taste for different skills,” said Bala.

Parent Donna Gorrell believed it was a good program for everyone while students Alex LeBlanc and Gavin Haggarty agreed. The students agreed it could help them create their own Halloween costumes later this year.

“I’m enjoying it very much,” said grandparent Jean Evans, adding it was her third time coming to the French-Catholic elementary school to take part in the program.

Bala emphasized they wanted to teach the students different skills and let them learn new things they could use in the real world.

École St.-Jean Baptiste students learn new sewing skills

By Ron Giofu

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