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Amherstburg couple officially gets keys to Brentwood dream home

Brentwood Lottery winners pose for photo in front of new home.

The grand prize winners of the most recent Brentwood Lottery have officially claimed their prize.

Dave and Kelly Mickle from Amherstburg claimed their keys to the “dream home” grand prize, with the home located at 49 Periera Drive in Harrow. Their winning ticket was drawn and publicly announced in January with the keys being formally presented last Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s a very exciting day,” said Kelly. “You always buy lottery tickets with the hope of winning and we did.”

Dave recalled the day when the call came in. He saw a number he didn’t recognize on his cell phone and wasn’t going to answer it at first, but decided to pick it up. The voice of Paul McCann, the director of fund development and community engagement with Brentwood Recovery Home, was on the other end and gave him the good news.

The news left Dave searching for words.

“I’m usually never speechless,” he said.

Dave and Kelly expressed their thanks and said they are still trying to wrap their heads around their win.

“Our daughter is going to live in (the house) until we decide what we’re going to do,” he said. “We’re in no hurry to make a decision.”

“In the meantime, our daughter is going to benefit,” said Kelly.

Kelly added their lucky ticket will be the inspiration of future Christmas presents.

“I know what everyone is getting,” she said. “They are getting Brentwood Lottery tickets.”

The Mickles are also happy to help the Brentwood Recovery Home.

“You always hear how anyone could win,” she said. “We did.”

Elizabeth Dulmage, executive director of Brentwood, said the recovery home relies on the community’s support and was thankful the Mickles bought tickets to the lottery along with everyone else who did.

Dulmage said a higher percentage of people coming to Brentwood are homeless or “couch surfing,” and many others are diagnosed with mental illness. She said they not only want to help give people the tools to deal with their addiction issues, but to help them get back on their feet when they go back in the community. She said they need a roof over their heads and food on on their tables and Brentwood aims to get people on the road to recovery.

There are 68 beds at the home, located on Dougall Ave. in Windsor.

“This is beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my 40 years in health care,” said Dulmage. “The needs are great and our resources are stretched past the breaking point.”Dulmage praised the staff as well as the alumni who support each other in their recoveries. She also thanked those who not only buy tickets in the end-of-year Brentwood Lottery, but their monthly online 50/50 draws as well.

Amherstburg couple officially gets keys to Brentwood dream home

By Ron Giofu


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