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ECNPLC awarded over $425,000 to expand services in Essex County

Essex MPP Anthony Leardi has announced that the Ontario government will be adding over 400 new primary care health providers as part of 78 new and expanded interprofessional primary care teams.

One of those care teams will be right here in Essex County.

The Essex County Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (ECNPLC) has been awarded over $425,000 to expand its services in Essex County.

This means that another 1,000–1,200 individuals will be able to get rostered with the ECLPNC and will have a dedicated professional to go to when they need medical advice and help.

“We’ve made big advancements in providing healthcare in our region where and when you need it,” said Leardi.

The Ontario healthcare budget is set at $81 billion which is about 40 per cent of the provincial budget.

Last week the government announced over $400,000 in additional services to the John McGivney Center, the expansion of Paediatric Services at Windsor Regional Hospital to 24-hour care, 365 days a year, and the availability of cataract surgery in four weeks or less at community run health centers like Dr. Tayfor’s clinic where you pay with your OHIP card not your credit card.

According to Leardi, approximately 90 per cent of the people in Ontario are already connected to a regular health care provider such as a family doctor or a Nurse Practitioner.

“Now we want to reach the remaining 10 per cent,” he said. 

Laura Levesque is the Executive Director of ECLPNC.

“We’ve all heard about the issues in health care right now. We know that there are a number of people that still need primary care providers or are travelling long distances to see their primary care providers. Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics are part of the solution and we are here to help bridge this gap,” said Levesque.

Kingsville Mayor Dennis Rogers said “This is just a step in a much bigger picture. People say it takes a village; this time it took a region.”

“Patients will have access to our team of staff, the services will be fully government funded and not paid through OHIP, so anyone that needs help can get it,” said Levesque. “Even if you don’t have an OHIP card most services are still available at no cost.”

“Not only do we have Nurse Practitioners, we have nurses, we have social workers, dieticians, some of our clinics have chiropractic care, massage therapy, physio therapy, and respiratory therapy, so people are able to get the right care from the right individuals, and we are hoping to open our roster within the next four to six weeks,” she said.

Also in the announcement, the current Urgent Care Clinic in Kingsville will be expanding into a full care clinic like the ones that are currently operating in Amherstburg and Tecumseh.

Major Announcement in Kingsville

By Donna Tuckwell



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