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New owners take over Heritage Community Residence on Victoria St. S.

The County of Essex has entered into a service agreement with a company that has purchased the home at 184 Victoria St. S.

The home, once owned by the County of Essex while being called Victoria St. Manor, has been known in recent years as the “Heritage Community Residence.” 

A report from manager of community services Jeanie Diamond-Francis stated the home currently provides residential care to 24 residents, 22 of which are subsidized by the county.

“In Dec. 2023, county administration was advised that the current owner of Heritage Community Residence, located in Amherstburg, had accepted a conditional offer to buy the home,” said Diamond-Francis. “The county was contacted by the potential new owner requesting to continue the partnership with the county in delivering residential services.”

The County of Essex provided the potential new ownership with information on the (residential services home) program, a copy of the residential home standards and the service agreement template. 

Diamond-Francis said the county and its solicitor met with the potential new owners and were satisfied with the plan to continue current staffing and continue operating as a residential services home provider.

County administration “determined that it is unlikely that there will be any disruptions to the care being provided to the residents living in the home on the property. The group behind the buyer operate homes in other jurisdictions, and are experienced with overseeing homes similar to the home on the property.

Further, the Buyer corporation was formed by a group of medical professionals, as well as an engineer who created ’Lifetime Vision Capital Inc.’ The Buyer’s representative has advised the county that the Buyer corporation is wholly owned by Lifetime Vision Capital Inc., with the Buyer being formed as a separate corporate entity for accounting and operational needs.”

County council approved the recommendation with no discussion.

New owners take over Heritage Community Residence on Victoria St. S.

By RTT Staff


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