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North Star High School opens its doors to Grade 8 students

Prospective students heading to North Star High School got a chance to look at where they could be spending the next four years of their lives.

The Amherstburg public high school held its Grade 8 open house last Wednesday night. Students attending local feeder school got a chance to hear about the school and see what it has to offer. The event opened in the school's gymnasium before students and their parents and guardians were allowed to tour the building.

“We really value our partnership with parents,” said vice principal Jason Lynn. “Thank you for your interest in your child's education.”

Teachers, learning support staff and the entire staff were praised by Lynn, who said the staff are passionate at North Star. The vice principal ran down the list of programming at the public high school, from academics to sports, to various technical courses, media and communications, arts, STEPS, MAPS, music, a fully stocked library and cosmetology.

“Many staff members coach after-school activities for students,” said Lynn.

Support staff are “second to none,” he added, as are custodians and main office staff. Guidance counsellors were also highlighted.

Lynn believed students can get the education they need for a changing world at North Star High School.

“You are going to get that here at North Star High School,” he told the group gathered in the school's gymnasium.

The school's slogan is based on the name of the school, Lynn continued.

“We want you to follow your North Star and our wolfpack,” he said, the latter being in reference to the high school's nickname.

Student parliament prime minister Isaiah Rusenstrom encouraged the Grade 8 students to explore what North Star High School has to offer.

“We want to show you the North Star experience,” said Rusenstrom.

Junior deputy prime ministers Lauren Kelly and Jessica Flore also brought greetings. They commented on how comfortable they were made to feel when they first entered high school as well as the benefits of what North Star has from field trips to clubs.

“We're happy with our school,” said guidance department head Chere Tulett. “We're happy to show it off.”

By Ron Giofu

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