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Sandwich Secondary School hosts GECDSB Special Olympics

Sandwich Secondary School hosts GECDSB Special Olympics

Friday, May 3rd was no ordinary day at Sandwich Secondary School in Lasalle.

It was the second day of the Special Olympics for the Greater Essex County District School Board.

Thursday was the elementary day which saw about 600 students, Friday was the secondary students with about 250 in attendance.

“We refer to this event as the Day of Champions,” said Superintendent of Education – School Design and Information Technology, Todd Awender.

“This is an annual event and it’s always a great day”, said Awender. “The kids go away with lots of ribbons and we’re really pleased about that.”

“Often times the schools have the kids march the hallways with all the other students cheering for them as they pass, it’s a really special day all around, both in the school and out here in the field”, said Awender.

The events start off just like they do in the Olympics with a march around the track, the singing of the national anthem, the oath, all the teams then line up while the Anderson Marching Band comes out to lead the way around the track just like they have for the past decade.

“Events for the elementary are the 50 meter, the 100 meter, the ball throw, and the standing long jump”, said Awender. “For secondary, we have the 50 meter, the 100 meter, the standing long jump, the running long jump, and shotput, as well as the ball throw, and we also have the non-ambulatory events where there are children in wheelchairs, so we have a race for them, a ball throw, and a frisbee throw for them as well”

Healthy snacks like granola bars and lots of vegetables that were donated by different groups were served to the students throughout the day.

“After the kids are all done on the track and have their lunch, everyone heads into the gym for a dance,” said Awender. “Everyone really loves it, the teachers, the staff, the students, they are all dancing in there together and everyone is having a blast.”

“We have about 200 leadership students from our high school that are out here helping, a number of volunteers on our committee that have done a tremendous amount of work to get the day to where it is today,” said Awender. “Everyone is included, inclusion and fun is what today is all about.”

Sandwich Secondary School hosts GECDSB Special Olympics  By Donna Tuckwell


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