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Addressing H. Murray Smith Centennial Park “long overdue”

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I reside close to what remains of Centennial Park and was pleased to read the RTT report that our town council is finally discussing the future of our park during 2025 budget discussions. I agree with Councillors Pouget, Courtney, and Mayor Prue that addressing the park’s future is long overdue. 

An insert in our recent interim taxes package touted improvements at Warren Mickle, Briar Ridge, and Jack Purdie parks, with no mention of Centennial. Council, please quit the foot dragging. 

If fundraising for a new track is successful in the future, and since the school board has no inclination to locate it on their property, please locate it elsewhere, perhaps at the Libro Centre where there would be plenty of parking. 

It is time to return what is left of Centennial Park to uses suited more to the needs of the area. Tennis courts, a swimming pool, basketball court, baseball diamonds, community centre, and walking track once occupied space in this park. Why not return the Golden Age Club to the existing building, keep the hill, and add tennis courts, swimming pool, and a natural walking track to the remaining area? These entities could be enjoyed by both area residents and by seniors in the residence on Richmond Street that council approved for construction. 

By the way, I recently drove by the former “General Amherst” site, and noted that it is being sold by the school board. Would town council or administration please remind me what benefits Amherstburg taxpayers received when the original deal with the school board was approved? 

—Larry Foley


Addressing H. Murray Smith Centennial Park “long overdue”

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