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Letter to the Editor - Resident opposes the proposed closure of Murray St.

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It is hard to appreciate the logic behind closing Murray St. to vehicular traffic from Ramsay to Dalhousie and making it a pedestrian promenade. A sidewalk on each side of the road has always been available to those wishing to walk to their destination on Murray, or beyond.

If Murray is closed, not only are eight of our very valuable parking spots in the town core gone, but the Masonic Hall, with its many activities and events, has no street access. The Legion side exit will be gone, making the dumpster pickups for the corner restaurant, and the Legion, a tricky endeavor.

The corner of Murray and Dalhousie has been called a hazardous "line of sight" corner.  How many accidents have been located there over the years?  Very few, if any. 

This did not seem to be of concern to these same councillors when a zero variance for the proposed Dalhousie hotel was requested.  There it was to be a zero "line of sight" for a number of vehicles entering at Water St.

Did the four elected representatives of Amherstburg’s citizens vote to close Murray to please a select few at the expense of the livelihoods and convenience for many ?  If that is so, shame on you!

Kudos and thanks, to Councillors Pouget, Courtney and Allaire for their efforts to represent us all.


—Colleen Fox


Resident opposes the proposed closure of Murray St.


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Mrov Ken
Mrov Ken
05 giu

In due respect of the noise fatter when the bands are playing at the Legion it is funny every since that person from Toronto built and moved into the builds across from the Legion he have been complaining. Tell him to get the hell out of Amherstburg. He is destroying all the good things the legion is doing for the Community just to profit his or her pocket. Amherstburg does not need a person like this here in our community. Let our legion in any way possible continue finding and doing things to help our community.

Mi piace
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