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Advocate pleased with recognition of veterans

Congratulations to Amherstburg town council for consideration of reviewing the decision to include a poppy place card on town street name signs.


In realizing how our lives are shaped by the sacrifice made by our veterans, an opportunity of this calibre belongs to the community for all the right reasons.

This investment speaks to the town’s commitment to imparting the legacy of remembrance of Amherstburg’s fallen of all stripes who, steeled by conviction, gave up a piece of individuality to become a part of something larger than themselves! 

Our veterans knew that they were doing the right thing when they filled the ranks. In theatres of conflict and during peacekeeping missions, our veterans carried the day with courage, loyalty, and patriotism to distinguish themselves on the world stage!

Owing the privilege of remembrance stands to preserving the integrity of our Canadian democracy and to safeguarding those civil liberties that are often denied to so many the world over!

Remembrance is not only a tradition that has remained steadfast as a fabric of our Canadian history; it grows a community!


—Andrea Grimes

Civilian Veterans Advocate



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