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Amherstburg represented in Super Bowl halftime show

Acrobat performers


Millions watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49’ers in Super Bowl LVIII and the halftime show featuring Usher.

One of the acro performers that took the field as part of the latter was from Amherstburg.

James Heugh, who now lives in Las Vegas and currently performing in the show Voltaire, was a participant in the show and one of the acro performers.

“It was a pretty wild experience,” said Heugh.

Heugh moved to Las Vegas  and performs out of the Las Vegas Circus Centre. He said his invitation to perform as part of the Super Bowl halftime show came out of the blue.

“I actually found out right before coming to Canada for Christmas,” he said.

While attending a Jody Raffoul concert with his family at Caesars Windsor, Heugh received a message asking for his costume measurements. Not knowing who it was from, he followed up and eventually found out he was selected to perform in the show.

“We started actual Super Bowl rehearsals two weeks before the big event,” said Heugh. “We did eight to nine hours a day every day in preparation for it.”

Heugh said performing at Super Bowl LVIII ranks highly on his list of accomplishments. He has America’s Got Talent, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in Cirque du Soleil on his resume already in addition to his current show.

“I would rank it in the top five,” he said of the Super Bowl performance.

The love and support he has received from friends and family in Amherstburg has been strong, he noted.

“It feels really special to me,” said Heugh. “It’s been awesome hearing from everyone.”

The 33-year-old Heugh said he recently celebrated ten years in acro. He said he recalls playing as a child and believes performing acro is similar to the enjoyment he had then.

“It’s a great way to enjoy myself and express myself,” he said, adding he still enjoys it as much as he did when he first started.

The former MMA fighter is also starting the Positive Movement Impact festival at the Las Vegas Circus City facility. Work is ongoing on that festival with the project launching in mid-April.

“Thank you for the never ending support,” he said to his hometown. “I hope I’m making Amherstburg proud.”

By Ron Giofu

Amherstburg represented in Super Bowl halftime show

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