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“Big Buck Sunday” held at AMA Sportsmen Club


Outdoor enthusiasts got a chance to hunt and obtain hunting supplies at and near the AMA Sportsmen Association over the weekend.

Big Buck Sunday saw hunters hit 3-D targets on a patch of land across Lowes Side Road from the club and then they put their bows and arrows down and headed inside the club for a swap meet/craft show and lunch.

Bob Wilson, who helps organize “Big Buck Sunday” for the AMA Sportsmen Association, said it has been a regular event there for about three decades.

“We've been doing this off and on for about 30 years,” said Wilson. “Some years, we get a lot of people. Some years, we don't.”

The event usually happens this time of year.

“Every year in March, we try to do this,” said Wilson. “We usually do very well. We've had years where people have been out in the yard.”

The 3-D shoot sees not only adult archers, but children as well with the kids shooting for free.

“It's an event to get people in here,” said Wilson.

People can clean out their closets and garages and bring their leftover or unused hunting equipment to the club for the sale. Wilson said one person stopped hunting, brought their supplies to the club and it was available to other hunters for a donation to the club.

Wilson added that the craft show was not just open to hunting, fishing or for any kind of sportsman. Crafts, sweets and more were part of the event Sunday. Everyone is welcome, he said, and there was no charge to walk in and look around.

They used to draw in larger businesses such as ATV and boat dealerships.

“Times change,” said Wilson.

The club has started a second “Big Buck Sunday” with it being held in September.

Wilson said the event is a good chance to sell equipment as the events are held as part of hunting season.

“Big Buck Sunday” held at AMA Sportsmen Club

By Ron Giofu

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