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Building activity down in 2023 as compared to 2022

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Building activity in the Town of Amherstburg was down in 2023 as compared to 2022, as stated in a recent administrative report.

The report from chief building official Angelo Avolio pointed out the town’s building department issued 278 building permits in 2023. Those permits had an approximate construction value of $64.5 million. Avolio stated those permits issued consist of single-family dwellings, semi-detached units, townhouses, additional dwelling units, additions, garages, commercial, industrial institutional, swimming pool enclosures and decks.

“A total of 192 residential dwelling units have been created. This consists of 38 single detached dwelling units, eight semi-detached units, 12 townhome units, 17 additional dwelling units and an apartment building consisting of 114 units,” Avolio stated in his report.

The construction value of $64 million was down from the $209 million reported in 2022, a decline of about 69 per cent. He added the number of permits issued was down 51 per cent from the 566 issued in 2022.

“The main factor behind the difference is the number of single-family dwelling units have dropped substantially which can be attributed to the economic climate combined with higher interest rates and inflation,” said Avolio. “The 2022 construction season was the busiest on record. In comparison to the other construction years, 2023 have been average.”

The most number of permits in 2023 was for single detached dwellings. A total of 38 were issued with a construction value of about $20.65 million. Thirty-two pool permits were issued with a construction value of over $1.5 million and 17 permits for secondary suites were added with a value of just shy of $2.5 million.

Others with high construction values were the three apartment building permits, valued at over $17.3 million, 15 commercial permits with a construction value of over $6.7 million, 12 four-unit townhouse permits valued at almost $4.9 million, eight semi-detached dwelling permits valued at over $3.3 million and 14 addition to residence permits valued at just shy of $3.3 million.

Avolio added approximately 2,100 inspections were performed throughout the year, averaging out to 8.7 inspections per day. The anticipated revenue and indemnities for all building permits in 2023 is over $790,000, he stated, with the anticipated development charges being $2.9 million.

“With the current economic climate, it is expected that building applications will continue to be slow however at a steady pace. The opening of the Canard Valley subdivision in McGregor and the large amount of available lots in the Kingsbridge will continue for the foreseeable future. Other anticipated developments are in the process of proceeding in 2024,” Avolio stated in his report.

Building activity down in 2023 as compared to 2022

By Ron Giofu


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