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Building department report issues for first three months of 2024

construction site in Amherstburg

The report of building activity for the first three months appeared on the most recent town council agenda.

According to a report from chief building official (CBO) Angelo Avolio, the building department issued 54 permits with the approximate construction value

of $12 million.

“This group of permits consists of eight single family dwellings, six semi-detached dwellings, and three additional dwelling units. There were several commercial permits issued including permits for the new LCBO and the commercial property at 527 Sandwich St., which includes three restaurants with drive-thru.”

Avolio’s report states a total of three backwater valve permits were issued under the subsidy program.

“Based on the current activity for the first three months of the year it appears to be a substantial increase from 2023 for the same period,” Avolio stated. “In 2023, 36 permits were issued compared to 54 permits issued this year.”

Avolio stated the construction value has increased to $12 million compared to $5 million in 2023.

“We are expecting a slow but steady increase in development due to Bank of Canada maintaining stable borrowing rates for the first quarter and we remain optimistic that the rates will be lowered some time later this year which may result in an increase in the number of applications being submitted,” he wrote in his report.

According to Avolio, “there are currently a number of ready to go building lots within the Kingsbridge Subdivision area as well the new subdivision in the McGregor area, and Boblo Island.”

The collected revenues for all building permits during the first three months of 2024 was approximately $149,000, he stated.

“A total of 405 inspections were conducted within the three months which is approximately seven inspections per day,” he said. “Further, a total of approximately $430,000.00 in development charges were collected.”

There were 20 permits issued in January with a construction value of $4.332 million. In February, there were 14 permits issued with a total value of $4.543 million. The March report shows 20 permits at a construction value of $2.79 million.

“It’s good to see the numbers are going back up,” said Mayor Michael Prue. “Last year, I thought things were looking not as good. This year, they’re looking better already. Way to go.”

Building department report issues for first three months of 2024

By RTT Staff


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