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Councillor gets clarification on her remuneration report issues

Amherstburg Crest

The council remuneration report that was deferred at the April 8 meeting returned April 22. Councillor Diane Pouget had concerns, including discrepancies between what was listed in the report versus the amount on her T4 form and wanted it publicly clarified why the report had her making slightly more in remuneration in 2023.

Treasurer/director of corporate services Tracy Prince explained it was a timing issue between how the report is written and how T4’s are recorded. She said the same issue occurred in 2022.

“You were paid for an additional event you didn’t attend, it got caught and was reversed in 2023. That amount was reduced on your expenditures because it was recorded as on the treasurer’s report in 2022,” said Prince to Pouget. “The timing difference results in the T4 because that is when you are paid or receive money.”

Prince said the overpayment took place in 2022 and it was reflected in Pouget’s 2022 T4. In 2023, it was $200 less on her T4, Prince added.

“The expenditures on the report would be $200 more than what’s on your T4,” Prince told Pouget.

By Ron Giofu Councillor gets clarification on her remuneration report issues

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