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Essex County releases remuneration for 2023 county council members

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The County of Essex has released its remuneration report for all members of county council as well as committee members and other public officials who were compensated last year.

The top earner among all of county council was no surprise. Warden Hilda MacDonald, also the mayor of Leamington, received $115,250.12. That includes her $92,896.80 salary plus other expenses, such as indemnities, mileage, conference per diem, conference expenses, association meetings and association expenses.

Deputy Warden Joe Bachetti’s total remuneration for 2023 was $29,229.30. That included his salary of $16,163.52 plus his other forms of remuneration. Bachetti is also the deputy mayor of Tecumseh.

The remainder of Essex County council all earned salaries of $13,211.64 in 2023. Differences between total remuneration figures were based on the level of other expenses and per diems were incurred.

Essex Mayor Sherry Bondy’s total remuneration was $21,080.44 for 2023 while Amherstburg Mayor Michael Prue saw his total remuneration listed as $20,369.86. Essex Deputy Mayor Rob Shepley had a remuneration total of $19,203.80.

Kingsville Mayor Dennis Rogers had a remuneration total of $19,114.92. LaSalle Mayor Michael Akpata saw his remuneration figure come in at $19,075.14 for 2023 followed by Lakeshore Mayor Tracey Bailey at $18,344.19.

Kingsville Deputy Mayor Kim DeYong’s remuneration totalled $18,006.69 while Lakeshore Deputy Mayor Kirk Walstedt’s total was $17,846.72. Leamington Deputy Mayor Larry Verbeke’s 2023 remuneration was $17,647.55.

Rounding out Essex County council was Amherstburg Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb with a total of $15,907.35 and Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara with a total figure of $15,258.02.

The combined salaries for members of county council totals $267,600 with that growing to $364,119.70 when other expenses and per diems are factored in.

The County of Essex also saw $1,218.47 in salaries and $16,337.04 in total remuneration for others compensated. The list, along with total remuneration, included Deborah Alexander ($1,592.08), Katie Blais ($121.64), Terry Burns ($255.13), Mark Carrick ($538.48), the City of Windsor ($1,240), Sherri Currie ($1,145.10), Sue Desjarlais ($694.21), Tony Gaffan ($273.22), Brian Houston ($408.60), Rachel Jewell ($1,158.06), John Kerr ($296.34), Diana Kirkbride ($1,341.98), Heather Latam ($1,484.07), Louise Masse ($77.68), Maria McPherson ($160.80), Julie Miles ($1,581.69),  Susan Morand ($220.80), Tadeusz Polewski ($170.32), Dennis Sanson ($1,884.34), Lauren Segedin ($1,416.50) and Kim Verbeek ($276).

By Ron Giofu

Essex County releases remuneration for 2023 county council members

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