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Gibson Gallery featuring "Diversity" collection

Gibson Gallery featuring “Diversity” collection

Jim Ogilvie is a renaissance man.

A writer, a musician and an artist, he was at Amherstburg’s Gibson Gallery last Sunday afternoon to officially launch his exhibit – “Diversity.”

“I’ve been very fortunate in all the career paths. I started in music, my father brought home a guitar,” said Ogilvie during a break at the reception.

Actually, his first love of creativity was when he was in grade school and began sketching. After joining bands and touring as a musician, he found his way to a company in the Georgian Bay area where he became a director of advertising.

“I worked with a lot of creative people,” he said.

When a bigger company took over the one he was working at, he decided to retire and dedicate more of his time to painting.

“The creative urge said get back into it.”

One of the more impressive and eye-catching pieces at his show in Amherstburg is called “4 in 1.” It is a very simple concept and one that had a different origin.

It was the size of the canvas, nearly four-feet wide, that got Ogilvie’s attention and he wanted to create something unique. “4 in 1” depicts all four seasons beginning from left to right, with winter.

There is tobogganing, outdoor hockey, swimming at a beach, fishing and even a hot air balloon. The colours are vibrant and just like most of his work, it’s done in acrylic.

“I really like painting the little figures and having them do things,” said Ogilvie.

Another large piece now on the wall at the Gibson Gallery is called “River of Life” and as described by the artist it is a depiction of life – past, present and future.

Ogilvie’s paintings have been displayed across Ontario, the United States and in the United Kingdom.

One of his works, “Canadian Diversity” can have different meanings depending on where the viewer stands. It is a fall scene with splashes of fall colour and when you get closer you can actually see figures.

The local art gallery, located at 140 Richmond St., describes Ogilvie’s collection as an “Artistic Tribute to Beautiful Canada.” It’s on display until May 19. The gallery’s hours are Thursday to Sunday from 11 5 p.m. and will be open during the week come June.

Gibson Gallery featuring “Diversity” collection

By Fred Groves

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Thank you Fred Groves for a wonderful complimentary article about my exhibit at the Gibson Gallery

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