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Gibson Gallery wraps up members exhibits, welcomes student artists

Updated: Mar 21

Gibson Gallery wraps up members exhibit

The first exhibit at the Gibson Gallery has concluded for the 2024 season and the second one is on deck.

“Expressions,” which was the members' exhibit, wrapped up last Sunday afternoon with a closing exhibit at the Gibson Gallery. Overall, as stated in the March 6 issue of the River Town Times, there were 45 pieces of art on display created by about 42 different members of the gallery.

“There's so much talent in this room,” said exhibit committee chair Trudy Dempsey. “It is unbelievable.”

Some of the artists were on hand to talk about the work they had on exhibit, including Marshall White.

“I do it for enjoyment more than anything,” said White.

Mary Johnston noted her painting was of a bird feeder in her backyard and the cardinals that visit it. She said she is no stranger to exhibiting her work at the Gibson Gallery.

“I've been coming here for ten years, at least,” said Johnston.

Lisa Bassett, also a member of the exhibit committee, said her painting of cannons in King's Navy Yard Park were done in watercolours.

“I just started getting into watercolours,” said Bassett, adding she is still exploring other mediums she wants to work in to “find out what I like.”

Katherine Roth said she started painting in 2005 but with smaller pieces. She exhibited in a show by fellow artist Nancy Johns but had to create a 30” x 30” acrylic painting to enter, something she hadn't done before. A friend bought it back for her, something she said she is thankful for to this day.

Quilt by Tammy Joho at Expressions Exhibit

Bonnie Deslippe said she has a fondness for painting gargoyles, something she got a closer look at while visiting Paris one year. She attributes her interest in gargoyles to her watching of the moving “Sleeping Beauty” when she was young.

Elizabeth MacDonald noted her work was created via plein air art, as she is a founder of the local Windsor and Essex County plein air art group. The particular work in the “Expressions” exhibit was created at Holiday Beach.

Artwork by Matthew Zaidan at the Gibson Gallery Exhibit "Expressions"

Cheryl Borkowski added she is a collage artist and her creation was that of a train, something she said she hopes to travel on to vacation when her husband retires.

Barb Cozens said she was always fond of roses that poked through a fence at the corner of Simcoe St. and Sandwich St. S., so she painted it. The fence used to sit where the WFCU Credit Union is now.

Barb Cozens talks about her artwork at the Gibson Gallert exhibit "Expressions"

Sue Greaves said her style of painting was reminiscent of days gone by and used the “Expressions” theme to submit a portrait of her granddaughter. Sandra Ellis also submitted two plein air works, one of the Park House Museum and the other of a tractor left out in a woodlot after being put out of service.

Oils, acrylics, ink, embroidery, crocheting, water colours, sculptures and more were featured as part of the exhibit.

The Gibson Gallery now hosts “Emerging Artists,” work created by art students at North Star High School. That runs March 21-April 7.

The gallery is located at 140 Richmond St. in Amherstburg. For more information, call 519-736-2826 or visit Their hours are Thursday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is free but donations are appreciated.

Gibson Gallery wraps up members exhibits, welcomes student artists

By Ron Giofu


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