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Letter to the Editor - Resident not happy with town taking on debt for new fire station

I find it disturbing that the price of the new firehall varied between $6 million and $28.5 million, depending on who was speaking.

I know I can't go to the bank with a financial plan like that. I can't say well maybe we will sell this or get a grant, or we will try to lower the costs.

I'm not happy with a cash strapped town taking on debt of $950,000 a year, and hoping something falls in our laps to reduce the cost.

I'm watching historical buildings in town get completely restored and brought up to code with far less money, and no, this is not like going to the bank and taking out a mortgage on a new house. This is like going to the bank and asking for a mortgage on a new house while being deeply in debt, with other back breaking  financial problems coming my way.

If you didn't vote for Holger Kretschmann, a dollar and cents man with experience handling big budgets, and you're upset with a 6.44 per cent increase in taxes, then that's our fault.


—Kurt Reffle


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