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Letter to the Editor - Resident opposed to permanent closure of Murray St. block

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I am submitting my views as well as many of the members of Thistle Lodge located at 68 Murray Street.

This building has been home to our organization since the 1950s and our presence in Amherstburg goes back to 1849. Our demographic leans towards seniors versus youth. Closing the street to vehicle traffic would pose many inconveniences if not hardships to our members. The organizations that inhabit the building have over the years held many events that have in turn benefitted the community through various charitable contributions. I personally rent space in the business and have regular courier services.

I have been a member for 24 years and have rented space for eight years. In my regular attendance to the area, I have never seen sufficient or consistent foot traffic that would merit such a decision at this time.

The eight or so street parking spaces should be viewed as more valuable than a permanent walkway. We live in a society that people will hunt out the closest parking space at a gym only to spend time on a treadmill. People park here so that they can access the Navy Yard Park or the shops of our downtown.

I witness the access to the Legion by both patrons and deliveries. During the annual car show, Murray St. is by far the least visited. Even on Open Air Weekends, other than diners, in the evening the street is more abandoned than filled with pedestrians. At this point, closing the street would do more harm and create more potential problems or hazards than benefits.

I am requesting that our council vote "no" to any proposal causing the permanent closure of Murray St. As residents of the affected area, we have not been consulted. If at some future time that we are actually experiencing the level of pedestrian traffic on a consistent daily basis then the proposal could be reconsidered, but not now.


—Michael Weber


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