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Letter to the Editor - "We are not an island"

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We are not an island. We compete with Windsor and all of Essex County for economic development, promoting a friendly family environment with low taxes, low crime and good schools with plenty of recreational amenities. We have our beautiful waterfront and historical landmarks.

We are a bedroom community to Windsor. Investing in infrastructure will allow us to grow our residential base. It’s the best way to grow, expand and diversify our local economy. It will create jobs in the service and other industries. South Windsor is where jobs will be created. Windsor has the advantage of combining new and existing infrastructure and transportation networks.

A new interchange at E.C. Row and the Banwell extension of Lauzon Parkway to the 401 as well as the bypass on Highway 3 to Leamington will create a commercial corridor. The Gordie Howe International Bridge will do the rest.

Investments are made where logistics and infrastructure are in place to support it. Amherstburg has been left out. We can no longer live in the past. Changing direction is the only way forward. It isn’t too late to adopt a new vision. Other communities have made key changes. Adjusting is not only progressive, it is key.

History tells us our past was different than our present. Once a trading post and then a major industrial and manufacturing hub – of which we are no longer – our way to the future is for us to determine. Promoting public consultation, taking advantage of new funding from the federal and provincial government to meet future housing quotas gives us the opportunity to tap into government grants from the housing escalator fund in exchange for higher density.

These are areas where we have total control and we can make a difference. Political and community leaders need to take the lead. Of course, jobs are the best way to create residential and commercial expansion. It is also true that residential and commercial expansion will create jobs. Doing it in reverse is more difficult. It will achieve the same result.

We can no longer be what we were. LaSalle is a bedroom community to Windsor. We can be the same. Time for a new direction. Our diversity and resilience will cement the way.


—Frank Cerasa


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