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Local church plants trees as part of 80th anniversary celebrations

Church goers planting trees in field.

A local church is hosting its 80th anniversary celebrations this year with tree plantings part of the events planned.

Encounter Church’s birthday celebrations are June 22-23 but a tree planting was held this past Saturday morning in recognition of the anniversary. A group of about six volunteers from the church were at Warren Mickle Park in Amherst Pointe and planted approximately 70 trees around the park, namely in an area abutting wetlands.

Mark Bergeron, a church board member and member of the 80th anniversary organizing committee, said they worked with the Town of Amherstburg and the trees were left over from the Earth Day event.

“We, as part of our 80th anniversary celebration, reached out to the Town of Amherstburg and that’s when we found out about Earth Day events going on,” he said.

Bergeron added he worked with town staff, including manager of parks and naturalized areas Annette Zahaluk and director of parks, facilities and recreation Heidi Baillargeon, to help arrange the tree planting.

“They were looking for someone to plant the rest of the trees. I checked with the church and we said we could come out as a community outreach,” said Bergeron.

Encounter Church also made an attempt to improve the environment, he added. Trees included maple, oaks, and tulip trees. Encounter Church is also planning another tree planting in the fall, as about 80 oak trees are going to be planted in Pat Thrasher Park within the Kingsbridge subdivision.

Local church plants trees as part of 80th anniversary celebrations

By Ron Giofu

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