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Local historian recognized for her 90th birthday

Eleanor Warren poses for photo with the mayor, deputy mayor and city councillor.

A well-known local historian was honoured for 90 years of her own history.

Eleanor Warren, the retired curator and historian of the Marsh Historical Collection, celebrates her 90th birthday May 22, but her family and friends held a party for her Monday afternoon at the AMA Sportsmen’s Association.

“I’m more than pleased,” said Warren.

Warren added she didn’t expect to see so many people and was surprised at some of the faces she was able to connect with. In addition to friends and family, many of the guests were from Seasons Amherstburg where she now resides.

Working with former Amherstburg Echo owners John and Helen Marsh stoked her love of history. A donation of money from the brother-sister duo helped get the Marsh Historical Collection off the ground in 1994.

Knowing a lot of people over the years and looking up their family trees was always an interest for her.

“I always did genealogy,” she said. “Once you start, you can’t leave it alone. I just enjoy it.”

Warren said she can still recall people and dates before 1900 that she has researched over the years. She added she discovered many people are related who didn’t know they had any sort of family connection until she did the research.

Warren’s background also included her being an owner of Seaway Marine, working at SKD, and writing several books on local history. The mother of three is also credited with establishing the first babysitter course in Amherstburg.

“The Marsh Collection was my baby,” said Warren, of her work experiences.

Mayor Michael Prue, joined by Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb and Councillor Molly Allaire, presented Warren with a certificate from the town on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

Prue said Warren and her experiences made her a remarkable woman, though Warren humbly disagreed.

“We’re all here to say thank you to her,” Prue told the crowd assembled at the AMA Sportsmen’s Association.

Local historian recognized for her 90th birthday

By Ron Giofu

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