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Local resident not in favour of keeping Belle Vue, suggests severing manor to create parcels

There is an upcoming survey in regards to Belle Vue and what to do with it. Full disclosure, I am not in favour of keeping this establishment. Does anyone know how much we paid for the 4.5-minute concept video that is included as a reference document? Did our council put the cart before the horse? Request for proposals were sent out, evaluations completed, short list prepared and provided, presentations received, a third party in depth financial review authorized and now they are asking for an appraisal of the property. Wow, and to top that off, we give the property away for free!

I would like to suggest the following proposal. The manor and approximately 1.75 acres be severed from the existing land creating two unique parcels. For the manor we have the proper front, side and back yard setbacks, and since it is a historic site we donate it to Parks Canada. While negotiations are taking place to protect the conservancy and all easements for the town, we sever property at the south end of public works in order to create an access street off of Sandwich, just like what was proposed when we applied for the $50 million grant for Great Places Great Spaces. This will create another unique parcel, all owned by the town and available for future use. The town now processes the zoning change from institutional to multi residential on these two new unique properties and prepares both parcels for sale. If we sell this land at least we should be able to recover our investment in the property. 

Here we go again.


—Rodger Hudson




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