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Plaza to receive patios for fast food outlets, more tenants revealed

Plan for new retail development

The three fast food outlets that are part of a commercial development at 527 Sandwich St. S. will be allowed to have patios.

In addition to the patio request being granted by town council, the identities of the two remaining restaurants were revealed at a special planning meeting Monday evening.

Town planner Sarah French said the proponent, Dr. Maxwell Abraham, was seeking a zoning bylaw amendment to allow for the three fast food restaurants to have outdoor patios. She noted the bylaw had stated no patios were allowed due to a clause in the bylaw where a lot line of the commercial area adjoins with a residential zone.

“At this time, (the patios) are not permitted by the zoning bylaw because of the residential area to the rear,” she said.

No objections were filed to the application, she said. French's report noted the town's Official Plan supports the use of drive-thru restaurants on the subject lands.

A strip plaza is also being built at the site.

“The outdoor patios are proposed to be accessory to the drive-through restaurants. The proposed drive-through lanes will be situated between the residential properties and the patios and additional landscaping has been proposed on the land between the drive- through lanes and the residential uses.

Outdoor patios associated with fast food and drive-through restaurants are typically a passive use, as there is no table service or alcohol being served. The patios are unlikely to cause an increased disturbance to the residential uses when compared to the drive-through lanes,” said French in her written report.

Councillor Don McArthur asked who the fast food tenants were, with Deputy CAO/director of development services Melissa Osborne stating the town was not allowed to identify them but confirmed alcohol would not be served.

With Abraham joining the meeting virtually, McArthur asked if he could reveal the tenants.

“There's a lot of interest in the community,” said McArthur.

“Tentatively, it's a Taco Bell and Burger King,” responded Abraham.

A Starbucks restaurant had been previously identified as a tenant.

Abraham said the patios are important to establish more user-friendly options including walking and cycling.

Mayor Michael Prue voiced concern with traffic entering and exiting the property.

He said traffic can be heavy in that area, noting Tim Horton's is next door with often long drive-thru lines. Osborne said there was “significant review” of the application when it came to administration, noting manager of planning services Chris Aspila has a doctorate in traffic engineering and Aspila worked with the proponent on the “realigning of the entire property to provide for a less intrusive situation in relation to the drive-thru” with a third-party engineer also signing off on the plan.

Aspila added he worked extensively with the applicant on the matter.

“My fears have been assuaged,” Prue said.

Plaza to receive patios for fast food outlets, more tenants revealed

By Ron Giofu


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