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Resident wants Belle Vue sold

I'm going to start by saying I have donated three times to the Belle Vue restoration. but after the town spending $1.1 million on a new roof, cutting down trees,  and the conservancy falling way short of their goals, it is time to sell.

After eight years of ownership and fund raising, the building is still deteriorating, with water damage, mold, animal and insect infestation, vandalism, and rot. Let me point out, after eight years of ownership the public has no access to the property. There are “No Trespassing” signs everywhere, so nothing will change if the property is sold. The public has spoken with their wallets, they do not want to own Belle Vue, and be forever responsible for its upkeep. If you’re angry over this recent tax increase, get ready for more if the town owns Belle Vue. we are spending monies now on the Gordon House, library, and the hub, so I too encourage you to take the survey and say sell.


—Kurt Reffle


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