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Skaters encouraged to “Bring on the Fun” at last competition of season

Figure skating participants bow for the crowd.

Skate Amherstburg welcomed surrounding clubs to town over the weekend for a competition that was not only geared for fun, but was actually named to reflect that.

“Bring on the Fun” was held both Saturday and Sunday at the Libro Centre with local skaters being joined by competitors from Skate Lakeshore, Skate LaSalle, the South Windsor Skating Club, the Tilbury Figure Skating Club and Windsor Figure Skating Club.

“It's a fun focused competition we've put together locally in conjunction with Skate Ontario,” explained Skate Amherstburg president Lynn Fox.

The focus of the competition was to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. While it was run like a competition, it was not ranked. Skaters had a chance to use props and gain experience in a competition-like environment, but were able to relax in a low-key environment for the end of the season event.

“Skate Ontario introduced this two years ago,” said Fox. “Some of the other clubs near Toronto were trying it for the first time.”

Skate Amherstburg decided to bring such a competition to this area and “Bring on the Fun” was brought to the Libro Centre. It was the first year for the event and Fox indicated it likely won't be the last.

“We're really enjoying it,” said Fox.

Fox added spectators were invited to get in on the act, as skating clubs decorated their areas of the stands in the Movati Rink (Pad B).

There over 200 figure skaters over the two-day event, Fox stated.

“We'd love to do it again,” she said. “It's such a happy atmosphere. How could we not?” Skaters encouraged to “Bring on the Fun” at last competition of season

By Ron Giofu

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