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Town council OK’s Internet Purchase Exchange Location

Amherstburg town hall building entrance.

Amherstburg town council has approved an expenditure not to exceed $4,500 and pre-approved $1,000 in the 2025 operating budget in relation to the purchase and equipment for an Internet Purchase Exchange Location.

“Online buy and sell sites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace have become more prevalent in the past few years. Often the parties involved have not previously met and have to arrange a location to complete transactions. The one-on-one nature of these transactions can open the risk of becoming a victim of robbery, assault, or fraud. Due to these and other risks, people seek out more public locations to meet,” manager of information technology Jordan Long said in a report to town council.

The report stated that area municipalities such as LaSalle, Essex and Tecumseh offer “Internet Purchase Exchange” areas to allow for a more public and visible space to meet and conduct transactions.

“Installing a camera in the municipal parking lot south of the police detachment (532 Sandwich St. South) and designating 2 parking spots as an ‘Internet Purchase Exchange’ zones would give the residents of Amherstburg a location to complete local online transactions,” Long stated in the report. “Its’ camera and location next to the police detachment would help in providing a space that encourages a safe interaction between a buyer and seller and deter fraud or theft. Windsor Police officers will not be present during transactions, but will attend if an offense is being reported. Windsor Police will have direct access to the video recording to review complaints.”

The Windsor Police Service – Amherstburg Detachment reported 32 “fraud by computer” investigations in 2023, the report stated. The $4,500 would not only include the purchase of the camera, but also its installation and signage. It will be funded by the tax stabilization reserve.

“Mid-last year, I was approached by a resident about having the town perhaps look at something like this. I definitely want to thank staff for bringing this project before us,” said Councillor Linden Crain.

Crain noted the crime statistics in the report, and believed it was a low cost project that could lead to fewer scams and theft in the town. Councillor Diane Pouget agreed, stating “it’s a minimal amount to keep our residents safe.”

Town council OK’s Internet Purchase Exchange Location

By Ron Giofu


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