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Wolves senior boys basketball team qualifies for playoffs

Wolves qualify for playoffs

It took until the final game but the North Star Wolves senior boys basketball team made the playoffs.

The Wolves started the week with a 54-48 win on their home court over the Ste. Cecile Stallions last Tuesday night. It was a close contest throughout but the Wolves were able to pull out the victory.

“It was a good game, a good team effort,” said North Star coach Griffin Muzzin.

Muzzin said with leading scorer Andrew Chambers, whom he said averages 30 points per game, in Mexico on a family vacation, the rest of the team rallied.

“It took a team effort,” said Muzzin. “Everyone put in 100 per cent effort.”

Muzzin stated the Wolves need to work on slowing the play down as they need to focus on offense and not be so quick to shoot. Overall, he said after last Tuesday’s game that he likes where the team is at.

“We’re playing really well,” said Muzzin. “I like where the team is at.”

Ben Buchner scored 20 points while Rhys Sharman had 11 rebounds.

Two days later, North Star faced a situation where they had to travel to Windsor to play Westview Freedom Academy where a win meant they made the playoffs and a loss resulted in the season ending. North Star won the game by a 58-52 final score.

Ashton Adkins scored 21 points, and had nine rebounds and three assists. Owen Scott had 11 points , five rebounds and three steals. Sharman had six points and 15 rebounds.

The win at Westview Freedom Academy gave the Wolves a 5-5 record for the regular season. They started the year 0-4.

The juniors wrapped up the season last Thursday at home with a 79-67 loss to Cardinal Carter. The juniors finished 0-10 but despite the record, they were happy with how they played as 67 was a season-high point total. Coach Ben Pelger said “they pulled together and played as a team” and believed in themselves. The team was mostly Grade 9s this year and he looks forward to next year.

Nolan Sleigh had 31 points for the junior Wolves. He said he felt good on the court, adding he believes the team played well.

“I couldn’t have done it without my teammates,” he said. “It was a good game.”

By Ron Giofu


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