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AAM Goodfellows pack and distribute 105 food baskets in 2023

Updated: Jan 9

January 9, 2024 -

The holiday season is over and over 100 people had a healthy, Christmas table thanks to a local organization.

The AAM Goodfellows returned just before Christmas and distributed a total of 105 food baskets to those in need who had requested one. Volunteers of all ages were at the Columbus Community Hall Dec. 20 to pack the baskets with the morning of Dec. 21 being the distribution date.

Carts with boxes on them moved through the rows of tables with volunteers filling the boxes as they went by. The food was purchased through Sobeys with the money coming from the $16,757 that was raised through the newspaper campaign in early December.

AAM Goodfellows president Rick Murray said things went well in the 2023 drive.

“We got some new people helping out with the packing,” said Murray. 

The new people joined the familiar faces that turn out annually to volunteer. 

The 105 food baskets was similar to last year. Murray said they thought the total might be higher this year, hoping it was a good sign for the economy that it wasn’t.

There were upwards of 40 people helping to volunteer with Murray stating it has been a long-standing tradition for him and many others. He started volunteering as a way to help out, brought it with him when he was a member and chief with the Amherstburg Fire Department and he has continued with it after he retired.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 18-years-old,” said Murray. “I’m 76 now.”

Long-time volunteers are involving their family members, he added, including some with grandchildren now helping give back to the community. 

By Ron Giofu

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