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ACS thanks its volunteers for “making the magic happen”

ACS Volunteers honoured at dinner.


Volunteers were the guests of honour at a recent dinner presented by Amherstburg Community Services (ACS).

The recent dinner held at the AMA Sportsmen’s Association and had approximately 130 people in attendance. ACS executive director Kathy DiBartolomeo said the agency has roughly 105 volunteers spread over the numerous programs the non-profit agency offers with members of their families joining those who attended the recent appreciation dinner.

“Volunteers Make the Magic Happen” was the theme of the evening event. It was held during Volunteer Appreciation Week in Ontario.

ACS hired magician Craig Hinds for entertainment, with Hinds having also recently appeared at one of ACS’ “Feast with Friends” Thursday luncheons. Hinds mingled and did slight-of-hand card tricks followed by a trick where he appeared to cut the head off a volunteer and then a knife-throwing trick.

“It went really well,” said DiBartolomeo. “I think that volunteers are our unsung heroes. Sometimes they are the front persons of our agency that the clients meet first. It was so nice to honour our volunteers. We thank them all year round.”

Mayor Michael Prue was also on hand to offer greetings and thank the volunteers, DiBartolomeo pointed out.

Whether it be Meals on Wheels, bingos or Coats for Kids or one of the other programs offered through ACS, DiBartolomeo said the efforts of volunteers are greatly appreciated and many of the programs could not be offered without them.

“I think that there are about ten programs that we use volunteers for,” said DiBartolomeo.

“We’re always looking for volunteers,” she said.

There are times where volunteers filter in and out of the agency, with some leaving for various reasons ranging from them moving or becoming ill to those who want to change their schedules. Some are snowbirds and can’t volunteer all year round, she stated. DiBartolomeo said they always try to accommodate volunteers and give them a schedule that best works with their personal appointments.

“We try to give volunteers the opportunity to work as much as they want,” said DiBartolomeo. “We work with them to fit their schedules.”

Amherstburg Community Services is grateful for whatever schedule the volunteers can work.

“I think it was a great night,” she said of the dinner. “It was a really nice night for me and my staff to give back to our volunteers.”

There are about ten paid staff at ACS with the rest of the people helping the agency being the volunteers.

“With a small agency like ours, we couldn’t imagine it without our volunteers,” said DiBartolomeo.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call ACS at 519-736-5471 or visit

ACS thanks its volunteers for “making the magic happen”

By Ron Giofu


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