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Canada Day Run organizers thrilled by 2023, look forward to 2024 event

2023 was a thrilling year for many reasons, however a highlight was working with my husband on a huge town project. We are very proud of our accomplishment of keeping the Canada Day Run going and everyone who stepped up to volunteer and sponsor. 

We seriously would have not been able to pull it off without everyone who stepped up to help. Together we raised just over $18,500. All proceeds went to three local charities: Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission, Amherstburg Community Services, and Bryerswood Youth Camp. 

What are we excited for in 2024? Breaking that record! We are happy to announce we will be organizing the traditional run again! I couldn’t imagine any other way to kick off Canada Day in Amherstburg! 

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped! Especially the residents who live along the path that turned on sprinklers, hoses or even cheered on the participants. 

I had so many compliments saying it was the most fun event people had ever done. Once again, our town would be no where without our volunteers... people who step up and keep the magic alive! 

I hope to see even more registered for 2024! 

—Molly Allaire

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