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Letter to the Editor - "A lot of dreaming" going on in town with regards to public boat ramp

Letter to the editor title

There was a lot of dreaming going on in the April 22 town council meeting since both the AMA Sportsmen and council wanted to fulfil their dream of a public boat ramp.  

Let’s look at some facts. The AMA president, the town administration etc. all stated this would be a money losing proposition. This boat ramp would compete with other ramps in town. Soil conditions are not the best and a substantial amount of stone would be needed for the parking lot and road. Mr. Prue and Gibb believed the cost would be upwards of $2.5 million. 

Then we had some councillors make the uneducated statement that the Strategic Plan calls for waterfront access. So, they were taught by the administration that this does not mean a boat ramp but another means of access. If a person can afford a truck, a fishing/ hunting boat and all the equipment they need then they can afford to pay a fee for the ramp usage at Ranta or other ramps. Why should the taxpayer face a property tax increase for the ramp and then support it for ever since it is a money losing venture? 

The dreaming council approval turns out to be another nightmare for the taxpayer just like Duffy’s and Belle Vue. To top it all off we were told in the last budget that taxes had to go up because the town reserves are too low. 

So what do they do? They want to spend another $2.5 million we don’t have. 

I urge all the residents to call or write to the mayor and council to stop these irresponsible actions and get to business and save some money. I hear we must respect the elected official. Respect must be earned, and the mayor and council’s behavior are far away from earning respect. Enough is enough of this nonsense.  

—Holger Kretschmann 


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