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Group of coffee drinkers at local Tim Hortons gaining some attention

Group of coffee drinkers gather on lawn of Tim Hortons


A local group of friends that have been getting together for coffee for the better part of the last 20 years or so have been getting some attention recently.

The group of men that gather in front of Tim Hortons during the nice weather and inside of it when the weather doesn’t co-operate have been featured on the Amherstburg Care Mongering Facebook site, with that leading to a segment on The Morning Drive with Mike Kakuk, the latter being a show on AM800.

“We started out at the old Tim Hortons. When that closed we came down here,” said Gerald Bezaire, referencing the building at Murray St. and Sandwich St. S. that is now the Town Diner.

The group had been meeting inside but during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable sit inside due to public health restrictions in place at the time so they moved outside. It has become a tradition for them ever since.

“We couldn’t do it inside,” explained Jon Varney.

Numbers fluctuate of how many gather at Tim Hortons daily, with it being six to eight people on some days to well over ten on others. They joked “it all depends on whether you have a doctor’s appointment, X-ray or MRI.”

Rick Brousseau said sometimes the topics turn to classic cars and hot rods but the conversation during their roughly 90-minute daily gatherings can vary.

“We try and stay away from politics and religion,” said Bezaire.

Other men gathered there Friday were Richard Martin, Pat Hogan, Tom Dufour, John Rose, Gary Deslippe and Vic Deslippe. Not there but still credited with being part of the group were mentioned as John Oltrop, John Huver, Larry Hurst, Keith McGuire, and Royce Borrowman among others.

They have had some issues such as people complaining about the group taking up multiple parking spots, but there have been others buying them coffee and donuts.

Group of coffee drinkers at local Tim Hortons gaining some attention

By Ron Giofu

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