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Health and wellness fair held at Stella Maris School

Health and wellness fair held at Stella Maris School

Students and staff at Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School got a chance to feel healthier thanks to a week’s worth of events, capped by a health and wellness fair.

The Girard St. school presented the health and wellness fair recently with classes filtering through the school’s gymnasium to visit with the various groups and individuals in attendance.

Among those at the health and wellness fair were The House Youth Centre, community relations officer Const. Nick Dupuis of the Windsor Police Service – Amherstburg Detachment, the Essex County Library, the Town of Amherstburg’s recreation department, the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association (BANA), the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (OSNP), and Lisa Mullins, the youth minister for the Amherstburg-Harrow Family of Parishes.

Cailin Bosnyak, vice principal at Stella Maris, said they actually had a week’s worth of activities with mental wellness being one of things emphasized.

“Our school has decided to try and achieve our OPHEA certification,” said Bosnyak.

OPHEA is the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association.

Bosnyak said they tried to introduce a holistic approach to health and wellness and to promote the mental wellness aspect of it.

Students noted they enjoyed the fair and found it valuable.

Lilly Bodimer said she learned a lot at the health and wellness fair, noting she got some information at The House Youth Centre table. She added she got a lot of information about health and wellness at the event and during the week.

Jenna Clarke added she learned about eating healthier and believing in herself. While she learned about boosting her own self-esteem, Clarke stated it should have helped others in the school.

“This really helps younger kids too,” said Clarke.

Health and wellness fair held at Stella Maris School By Ron Giofu

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