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Letter to the Editor - Resident gives background on public marina in Amherstburg

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I really have to again ask you who actually runs the town? You, or it’s hired employees? If it is employees, why are we paying council? The truth is, it is the other way around.

I have spoken many times to all of you at one time or another about the boat ramp issue during when you were running for your positions and was told that it was in the works. Now we and you are being told that this can’t be done. The boating community is only asking you to replace what was lost. I am 77-years-old and I can tell you how badly the town let down the boating industry. Walter Ranta donated the marina property to Anderdon township free if they would build a public marina. Anderdon got a grant of approximately $900,000 from the Ontario lottery and the liberal government to build it and they did.

Unfortunately, a little later came the PC government and the idea of amalgamation and away went Anderdon and Malden. In this process the marina was allowed to go into disrepair and Amherstburg council decided to sell it not wanting to maintain it but along with that went the great facility that it was and the local people being able use itat a reasonable cost. Also lost were the many professional fishing tournaments that came to town every year and also went a lot of business in the process. I spent a lot of time and money getting educated in naval architecture and sailmaking only to be let down by the town I lived in. I have lived here for 51 years and would like to see this area have the same access and opportunity that every town in this county has except Amherstburg public access for boaters at a reasonable cost. It would not compete against anyone. Just allow more people to enjoy what they are paying for with their tax money.

A good solution would be to buy the original marina back from the current owner he would probably be glad to sell it to you since the channels leading to it are not deep enough for larger boats or sailboats with a deep keel.


—Ron Drouillard


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