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Letter to the Editor - Resident gives thoughts on Belle Vue proposal

The town’s administration recommendation to give away the complete nine acres parcel of Belle Vue Manor and land, which is worth $9 million, is just another example of financial mismanagement.

The town administration needs to focus more on the town’s financial situation as its highest priority - within Essex County we are the second highest 2024 budget increase, highest debt per capita, lower one-third of reserves, underfunding our capital maintenance budgets by 50 per cent each year.

Sever the property into three parcels, one for the manor, one for a hotel and, one for condominiums. Sell the two parcels separately in an open competitive market and let Amico or others bid for the land for development. Invest the land sales proceeds ($8 million) in the town to improve our financial situation.

Allow the Belle Vue Conservancy to refocus and accelerate its fund-raising efforts and negotiate with a hotel owner in the future.

The town administration needs to get back to improving our financial situation, the best time to start is now. Do not give away the land, sell it in an open competitive market.


—Ed Debevc


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