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Letter to the Editor - Resident not impressed with "Transportation Master Plan"

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I attended the May 27 Amherstburg town council meeting. This was one of the most unproductive and embarrassing displays of municipal government that I have ever seen. Most of the meeting dealt with the Transportation Master Plan.

How could administration even begin the process of hiring a transportation consultant without first finding out what Amherstburg residents might want/need for future transportation?   

The presentation by TYlin Consulting was lackluster and uninformative. After their presentation I was left to wonder if they even took the time to drive the streets of Amherstburg, or if they just pulled it up on Google Earth? I wondered if they ignored 75 per cent of Amherstburg's transportation routes because that was their mandate from administration, or if they were just ignorant of how much more there is to our municipality then downtown Amherstburg? How much did this incomplete plan cost? Why did they not address the needs of our agricultural landowners? Where is future planning for expanded industrial transport requirements? Did they consider the needs for better road infrastructure to accommodate the massive residential expansion already taking place now and in the future? Are they even aware that there is still a railway line to Amherstburg? They did not mention it? To use this "Master Plan" as a template for the future is a sad joke.

I am ashamed of three of our councillors and our Mayor for voting to even consider moving forward with any part of this Master Plan in Principal or otherwise!           


—Bill Petruniak


Resident not impressed with "Transportation Master Plan"


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