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Local Amherstburg resident wins groceries for a year

Amherstburg Resident Amber Turner Wins Groceries for a year prize
Amber Turner (centre) won the Scene+ Groceries for a Year contest. Sobeys franchise owners Krista and Rick Truant present the prize.

A local Amherstburg resident was one of four winners Canada-wide of groceries for a year.

Amber Turner won Sobeys’ “Scene+ Groceries for a Year” contest, worth $14,000, with the award presentation being last Saturday. Turner received ten $1,000 gift cards.

“I feel wonderful,” said Turner. “I was quite shocked.”Turner said she shops regularly at Sobeys and while she saw the sign for the Scene+ Groceries for a Year, she didn’t realize she entered every time she swiped her card. She found out about two weeks ago via e-mail she won and was stunned.

Being from a town the size of Amherstburg and winning a national contest was an added bonus for Turner.

Turner said she has never won anything of this size before, adding the largest she has ever won has been $15 or $20 on a lottery scratch ticket.

“It was a very nice surprise,” she said of the most recent win.

When she contacted her husband Jeff, who was away working at the time, Turner added he thought she was pulling his leg at first.

Jeff joked they are now able to save for a vacation. He thanked the store for their hospitality and was grateful for the prize, giving special mention to franchise owners Rick and Krista Truant.

“Big thanks to the store,” said Jeff.

The Truants were pleased they had a winner from their store, adding the Turners are regular shoppers.

“It’s awesome,” said Rick. “I’m so happy someone local won.”

Krista added not only was she excited, the entire staff was too. The staff regularly promotes contests and were thrilled someone from Amherstburg won one of them.

An ongoing contest through Sobeys sees people who spend $50 per transaction and who swipe their Scene card be entered for a one in five chance to win 100, 200, 500 or 10,000 Scene points instantly or one of two grand prizes of groceries for a year or a dream vacation worth $10,000. The contest runs through Feb. 14 and people can apply for a Scene card at

By Ron Giofu

Local Amherstburg resident wins groceries for a year

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