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Local realtor wins “Rookie of the Year” at his firm

A local realtor has captured a pair of awards, including “Rookie of the Year.”

Gregory Moore won that award as well as a “Silver Excellence Award” from Deerbrook Realty for his efforts since joining the firm. The awards are based on the volume of sales.

“We have 220 realtors at Deerbrook,” said Moore. “I’ve only been there since the end of May.”

Moore believed the Silver Excellence Award was a good accomplishment since he hasn’t been there a year yet. He said he was only $10,000 away from the Gold Excellence Award, crediting his success to “hard work, determination, grit and work ethic.”

Becoming a realtor has become a second career for Moore.

“I left Chrysler. I was there about 22 years. I left there and went back to school. It was tough in real estate school but I finished that in about eight months,” said Moore, saying there was “no Plan B.”

Moore said he likes making his own schedule.

“If you work really hard you can do really well,” said Moore.

There is a lot of door knocking and networking with new people, he added, and that has led to him getting listings from across Essex County.

“A lot of miles on the car,” said Moore.

A goal for Moore is that he wants to be the top agent in the brokerage.

“I want to give people such a client experience that we become friends after the transaction,” he said.

Clients have already started calling him for other services, he added.

Moore added he tries to help his clients stay on top of things and treat people well.

The two-time council candidate said that didn’t hurt him in gaining recognition but he added relationships he already built are also a factor. He said he has lived in Amherstburg for 25 years and was raised in Harrow. He can be reached at 519-817-2918.

Local realtor wins “Rookie of the Year” at his firm

By Ron Giofu

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