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"May Days" fundraiser helps Amherstburg Firefighters Association

Firefighter poses for McHappy Day fundraiser.

The Amherstburg Fire Association (AFA) is doing its part to assist in helping with mental health supports.

The AFA is hosting a “May Days” fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). AFA president Cameron Arksey said the organization has three sponsors thus far to help their campaign.

Sponsors are being sought to assist Amherstburg firefighters obtain training, known this month as “May Day” training, with the cost being $6 per firefighter per week. Proceeds will be turned over to CMHA, said Arksey.

Sponsors thus far include Team Rehab, Gibb Insurance and Deputy Chief Dan Monk, the latter making a personal donation.

Arksey said what is just as important, if not more, than the donations is to bring awareness to the issue of mental health. He said first responders often need support due to what they see and deal with while on the job. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Arksey pointed out.

“May Day” is a radio codeword to indicate there is an emergency in firefighting. It was adapted to the fundraiser, to reflect that first responders such as firefighters can suffer trauma after a call is dealt with.

The AFA is also busy helping to sponsor a team in the Windsor Ultimate Frisbee Team and they are trying to get support for its Amherstburg Fire Combat Team as they compete in the FireFit Championships and the F7 Festival – Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Arksey said they are getting support from the Professional Firefighters Association, the association representing full-time firefighters, to sponsor the Amherstburg youth division in the Ultimate Frisbee League.

For more information on the combat team, visit

“May Days” fundraiser helps Amherstburg Firefighters Association

By Ron Giofu

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