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"McHappy Day" sees strong support in Amherstburg

Staff at McDonalds pose for photo on McHappy Day.

McHappy Day, the annual campaign by McDonald’s restaurants across Canada to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, returned last week to strong support.

The McDonald’s location in Amherstburg was one of many that was busier than usual as crowds packed the Sandwich St. S. restaurant throughout the day.

Long lines along the street were reported at points with the drive-thru and restaurant also seeing large crowds.

“It’s going phenomenally,” said Jen McMahon, manager of the Amherstburg McDonald’s location.

McMahon added last Wednesday afternoon: “We have not stopped since 7 a.m. Donations have kept rolling in.”

Noting she had met upwards of eight local families that have used the services of Ronald McDonald House, McMahon said the Amherstburg restaurant was helping the nearest Ronald McDonald House in Windsor. Local political figures such as Mayor Michael Prue and Councillor Molly Allaire, Amherstburg Firefighters Association president Cameron Arksey, Windsor Police Service – Amherstburg Detachment community services officer Const. Nick Dupuis, families who have used Ronald McDonald House and those supported by Community Living Essex County (CLEC) were among the volunteers that helped last Wednesday during “McHappy Day.”

McMahon said the Amherstburg community showed up in full force to support the event.

For more on this year’s “McHappy Day” campaign, visit

“McHappy Day” sees strong support in Amherstburg

By Ron Giofu

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