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North Star High School provides directional signage for Open Air Weekends

Students of North Star High School pose with directional signs for Open Air visitors.

The work of North Star High School art students is on display during Open Air Weekends.

Two classes, guided by teachers Samantha Thomas and Andrea Craig-Wammes, helped create the signage with the signs being posted on four posts that were also painted by the students. The signs guide people to businesses and sites in or near the Open Air footprint.

There is a Grade 10 class that participated as well as a Grade 11 class. They add up to approximately 45 students in total.

“We are thrilled to partner with North Star High School on this creative project,” said Jen Ibrahim, the town’s economic development and tourism manager. “The students’ artwork beautifully captures the spirit of our town, enhancing Open Air experience for everyone.”

Thomas said the project was completed over a couple of weeks. She said it was important the signs are not only easy to read, but contain little logos and themes to make them more creative. Signs include estimations on how many steps there are to a particular business or “hops” with paintings of a frog on them.

“It also has to catch a person’s eye,” said Thomas.

Students had to learn to do things without the aid of technology, she said.

“They do everything digitally now,” said Thomas. “It was a chance to do everything by hand.”

North Star High School provides directional signage for Open Air Weekends

By Ron Giofu

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