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Policing activities report released for 2023

Amherstburg Police

Statistics for the Windsor Police Service – Amherstburg Detachment have been released for 2023.

The policing activities report has been released for last year and it shows there were 8,324 total incidents in Amherstburg. All were classified as “dispatch generated incidents (CAD calls)” as opposed to self-generated walk-in incidents. When a person attends the police station, they use the red phone in the vestibule and it gets transferred to dispatch.

There were 599 incidents in December 2023, as opposed to 840 in November and 797 in October.

There were a total of 4,851 provincial offenses recorded last year, 3,080 of which were traffic offenses. There were 120 Part III summons issued in 2023. In November and December, there were 484 and 248 traffic offenses for each month respectively and eight and 10 Part III summons respectively.

There were only three liquor offenses listed for 2023 and 682 items listed as “other provincial offenses.” Of the latter, there were 60 reported in November and 40 in December.

As for crime statistics, there were 128 theft under $5,000 charges laid in 2023. There were seven laid in December while there were three cases in November. A total of six cases of theft over $5,000 were reported last year with none in November or December.

Two robberies were reported over the past year with one of those cases being reported in December.

The report shows there were 115 cases of fraud reported in 2023 with nine reported in November and ten in December.

Fifteen cases of impaired driving were listed for last year with one each reported in November and December.

There were six items listed under “Federal Statutes,” with none in November or December.

There were 79 assaults listed in the report for 2023 with 12 in December and ten in November. There were 72 cases of mischief last year with five each in November and December.

According to the statistics, there were 40 cases of break-and-enter in Amherstburg in 2023. There was one reported in November and three in December.

The policing statistics, which were shared with town council, also showed eight calls listed under “Drugs” reported in 2023, one of them being in December.

Nine firearm charges were listed for last year, with one in December. Under the “Arson/Fire Calls” section, four were listed for last year with one in December.

A total of 53 charges were listed under “Other Criminal Code” with seven in November and six in December.

Relating to community outreach activities, there were 150 calls for community service/COAST program. Eights calls came in November and another eight in December.

Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb said in 2022, there were 2,161 tickets written by police. In 2023, it increased 42.5 per cent to 3,080 tickets.

“I think it’s one of the most effective ways to keep our residents safe is to target people who can’t go by the rules,” said Gibb. “We get a lot of calls and e-mails that they never see police in their neighbourhoods but (they’re) somewhere.”

By Ron Giofu

Policing activities report released for 2023

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