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“Quilt of Valour” presented to local veteran

Veterans pose for Quilts of Valor photo opp.

Another local veteran has been presented a prestigious Quilt of Valour.

Dalton Moore, a Korean War veteran, was honored at his Amherstburg home Monday morning. Executive members from Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 joined Quilts of Valour Windsor-Essex County representative Pauline Gaudette in making the presentation to Moore.

Moore served 33 years in the CAF and is a VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) benefactor with over 43 years of Legion service.

Gaudette went over the quilt specifically made for Moore, which was the 18th quilt she has made for a veteran since January. Adorned with patterns of poppies, she placed the quilt over Moore’s shoulders.

Moore said he was very appreciative of the recognition. Joined by son Bob, he noted he has spent over four decades active in the Royal Canadian Legion though was absent for a time due to his career.

“This is wonderful,” said Moore. “Thank you so very much. It means the world to me. It really does show the Legion is a comradeship.”

Bob said they recently moved to Amherstburg from Scarborough, where they were both members of the Highland Creek 258 branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Upon relocating to Amherstburg, one of the first stops they made was Br. 157 in Amherstburg. They were greeted and quickly transferred memberships to the local branch.

Moore recalled his tour of duty in the Korean War, even being able to crack a joke about an experience there. He recalled an enemy plane dropping grenades near the medical unit he was serving in, comparing it to the episode of the television series M*A*S*H* on “Five O’Clock Charlie.” Moore joked a casualty of that experience was a bottle of rum that he had.

On a more serious note, Moore was thankful his service was recognized with a Quilt of Valour.

“I appreciate it 100 per cent,” he said.

Quilts of Valour started in the Edmonton area in 2006 when a volunteer – Lezley Zwaal – would visit wounded soldiers in the hospital and made them quilts to comfort them.”

The Quilts of Valour – Canada Society was launched as a registered national charity in 2009 and has seen thousands of quilts created and presented to Canadian veterans.

Each quilt is unique, Gaudette stated, with a maple leaf in each corner but the design of the rest completely different from one another. There is an identification number and names of the quilter sewn onto a label in the quilt.

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“Quilt of Valour” presented to local veteran

By Ron Giofu

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