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Region working towards mapping system for defibrillator

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 Do you know where the closest Automated External Defibrillator is located?

The Windsor-Essex EMS is in the process of creating an app that will allow anyone with a mobile device to find the nearest life-saving device.

At last Wednesday’s Essex County Council meeting, EMS Chief Justin Lammers reported that his department is currently working on a Pulse Point PAD (Public Access Defibrillation) mapping system.

“Pro-active measures are being taken in the region,” explained Lammers.

According to Heart and Stroke Canada, there are 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests per year and of those, half are under the age of 65.

“We are raising awareness. Someone dropped in Harrow at the age of 40. They couldn’t be saved because no one knew where the AED was,” said Essex Mayor Sherry Bondy.

Ontario has a Defibrillator Registration and Public Access Act which was passed in 2020 but has yet to come into effect.

Lakeshore Mayor Tracey Bailey applauded the Windsor-Essex EMS for moving forward on the mapping system.

“It will be exciting to watch the app roll out and see where the vacancy points are and whether or not we have funds and sponsors that can help,” said Bailey.

Questions arose from members of county council on whether funding is available to put AEDs into schools. Lammers replied that there was money available in the past but not anymore and that the local EMS is always seeking out groups to sponsor AED’s.

Essex Deputy Mayor Rob Shepley was curious to what the specific needs and requirements are in regards to the different types of AED’s.

“Any AED is better than no AED,” said Lammers.

In 2023, the Windsor-Essex EMS responded to 675 no vital signs present calls and delivered 283 AED shocks. Stats show that last year there were 161 by-stander CPR rescues and 11 AED.

LaSalle Deputy Mayor Michael Akpata is the Superintendent of Special Constable Services at the University of Windsor and he said the school is already putting in place a PAP mapping system for defibrillators.

Akpata said it is also important for those that do have an AED, to check it regularly and keep it well-maintained.

In the future Windsor and Essex County residents will be able to take a picture of the location of an AED and send it to the EMS Communication Centre.

Region working towards mapping system for defibrillator

By   Fred Groves

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