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Remuneration report deferred until the next council meeting

Amherstburg Town Hall


The report dealing with how much remuneration Amherstburg town council earned last year will be the subject of a further clarification.

Town council has pushed the report back one meeting due to concerns and questions over the report. Details of the report were printed in the April 10 issue of the River Town Times.

Councillor Diane Pouget has concerns about the report. She said the report states she made $27,756.11 in 2023 in total remuneration. Pouget added her T4 shows she made $26,134.76.

“I already filed my income tax and everything. This seems to be $1,621.35 more than what I actually received,” said Pouget.

CAO Valerie Critchley said she will have director of corporate services/treasurer Tracy Prince take a closer look at the question. Prince missed the meeting due to illness.

“I am looking at the breakdown in the report. There was a portion for salary, portion for communication and portion for per diem,” said Critchley. “I’m not sure what all gets reported on the T4 but I can certainly ask the treasurer and let you know.”Pouget asked for a “full report” and said the public couldn’t speak to it because “they didn’t know I was having a discrepancy with this item.” The CAO said she can bring a clarification back to town council.

Councillor Molly Allaire said she was confused regarding the report, noting there were two totals listed for her and she assumed one included her remuneration for sitting on the Essex Region Conservation board of directors.

Allaire said she attended a conference and thought the amount was close to $1,000, but the amount in the report was listed as $85. Critchley added she will have Prince confirm what is happening, but believed Allaire’s overall expense was also reflected in her per diem and travel and mileage expenses.

“I’ll have her clarify that,” said the CAO.

Mayor Michael Prue suggested the delay until the next meeting. Prue said he “wanted to be absolutely clear” that he is not paid to attend or receive any remuneration from the Windsor Police Services Board. He believed it was listed because there was a template when former Mayor Aldo DiCarlo was a full WPSB member and received remuneration when he was a member.

The report is expected to come back at the next meeting.

“This is a relatively minor thing but we might as well get it right,” said Prue.

Remuneration report deferred until the next council meeting

By Ron Giofu

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