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Town council to get report on Ranta Park boat ramp April 22

Amherstburg Town Hall

Town council will get an “information report” at its next meeting on a proposed boat ramp at Ranta Park.

The 11-page report from director of parks, recreation and facilities Heidi Baillargeon on the April 22 agenda concludes with the recommendation that a boat ramp at that location not proceed. 

Baillargeon cites “the significant financial commitment and resources required to pursue this initiative further, coupled with the fact that the Town would be in direct competition with the abutting boat launch at Ranta Marina” as reasons not to move forward.

Boaters have pressed for public access to the water for several years, including a desire to have a boat launch. In 2022, AMA Sportsmen Association president Rodney Ferriss presented a petition to council asking for a boat ramp there. 

“Amherstburg needs and deserves a public access to the local navigable waterways west of Amherstburg, which is the Detroit River. So much of Amherstburg’s identity is being lost because many boaters and sport-paddlers have no place to put in publicly for one day, or even a weekend,” he said at the time.

Council has yet to debate the report or make a decision whether or not to go forward with a boat ramp at that location. 

Town council to get report on Ranta Park boat ramp April 22

By Ron Giofu

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