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“Sunshine List” revealed for 2023 public sector employees

Updated: Apr 12

Amherstburg Town Hall


The “Sunshine List” has been released for 2023.

The annual reveal is due to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996, which requires that organizations which receive public funding from the Ontario government make the list of employees earning over $100,000 in the previous year public by March 31. In a press release sent by the province Thursday afternoon, the province states the largest year-over-year increases were in the hospitals, municipalities and services and post-secondary sectors, which together represented approximately 80 per cent of the growth of the list.

There were 29 employees of the Town of Amherstburg on the list for 2023. Earning the highest salary was chief administrative officer (CAO) Valerie Critchley at $219,180. Deputy CAO/director of development services Melissa Osborne had a 2023 salary of $201,227.87 while director of corporate services/treasurer Tracy Prince earned $180,830.56.

Director of infrastructure services Antonietta Giofu had her salary listed at $177,402.06. Fire chief Bruce Montone’s 2023 salary was listed at $166,528.96 while director of parks, facility and recreation Heidi Baillargeon earned $166,180.46.

District fire chiefs are next on the list with Jason Durocher earning $158,462.29 while Andrew Challans earned $154,680.12. Randy Wismer earned $151,035.78 while Rick Wismer made $147,651.25.

Fire training officer Nick D’Amore saw his 2023 salary listed as $143,550.95 while manager of environmental services Dwayne Grondin earned $134,050.

Earning identical $133,900 salaries last year were manager of planning services Christopher Aspila, chief building official Angelo Avolio, director of roads and fleet Eric Chamberlain and manager of engineering Todd Hewitt.

Human resources manager Donna King earned $133,262.35 while manager of finance Yufang Du earned $132,403.98 in 2023. Deputy fire chief Ron Meloche earned $131,790.85 and IT manager Jordan Long earned $127,116.47. Deputy chief building official Robert Unis made $117,102.32 last year. Manager of facilities Terry Fasan earned $115.110.06.

Manager of parks and naturalized areas Annette Zahaluk earned $115,210.06 in 2023 while manager of recreation services Trese MacNeil made $109,627.44. Manager of licensing and enforcement Bill Tetler earned $109.084.91.

Sabrina Bilyk, the town’s human resources health and safety co-ordinator, earned $103,269.57. Heritage planner Adam Coates had a 2023 salary of $102,366.01 with the town, and supervisor of revenue Elke LeBlanc earned $102,228.08.

Rounding out the list was manager of tourism and culture Anne Rota. Rota, now retired, earned $101,193.73 last year.

By comparison, there were 35 staff members in Leamington on the “Sunshine List” and 82 in LaSalle, though the latter is the only county municipality still with its own police force. Kingsville had 22 staff members listed while Essex had 21. Tecumseh had 27 people on the list with Lakeshore at 28.

There were 185 staff members with the County of Essex on the “Sunshine List” in 2023, many of whom are employed through Essex-Windsor EMS.

Topping the county’s list was Sandra Zwiers, who started 2023 as director of financial services/treasurer and finished as CAO. Zwiers earned $194,170.10 in 2023.

Director of legislative services/clerk Mary Birch, who is retiring, earned $188,714.36. Retired EMS chief/strategic initiatives consultant Bruce Krauter made $184,301.18 while Sun Parlour Home administrator Jayne Brooks-Keller had a 2023 salary of $178,696.28.

Director of infrastructure services Allan Botham earned $133,523.91, county solicitor David Sundin earned $160,266.94 and primary care paramedic Joseph Mollica earned $151,918.86. Sun Parlour Home director of nursing Carlee Pretli earned $148,372.50 while equipment maintenance supervisor Joel Musyj had a 2023 salary of $147,118.99.

EMS deputy chief of operations Ryan Lemay earned $146,882.93 while IT manager Wendy St. Amour made $146,272.12. Registered nurse Kendra Powell earned $146,038.30 and manager of building services at the Sun Parlour Home Kevin Soulliere had a 2023 salary of $145,054.55.

The county’s manager of community services Jeanie Diamond-Francis earned $142,418.76 last year, followed by two EMS district chiefs – Michael Jacobs and Dawn Arsenault – made $141,555.15 and $141,168.77 respectively.

Justin Lammers, who was promoted to Essex-Windsor EMS chief to take over from Krauter, earned $140,511.53 last year while EMS deputy chief of professional standards Slawomir Pulcer made $140,001.39. EMS district chief Sarah Bezaire earned $139,1650.03 with road maintenance supervisor Donald Raynack making $135,809.18 in 2023.

Primary care paramedic Robert Injic earned $135,131.40 followed by EMS district chief David Jacobs at $134,114.23. Manager of transportation and development Jerry Behl earned $133,097.68. EMS district chiefs Justin Campeau and Tyson Brohman earned $133,006.64 and $132,826.69 respectively in 2023.

Personal support worker Ruena Amarante earned $131,720.44 last year and manager of planning services Rebecca Belanger earned $131,286.35. EMS district chief Denis McFarlane made $130,929.65 in 2023 with advanced care paramedic Bradley Humber earning $130,077.66. EMS deputy chief of planning and physical resources Ziad Fatallah earned $129,986.99 last year.

Manager of maintenance operations Jeremy Krueger made $129,940 while advanced care paramedic Donald Theriault earned $129,804.49. EMS district chief Christopher Nugent was next on the list with a 2023 salary of $129,643.50, followed by vulnerable patient navigator Shawn Arrand at $129,179.03. Jean-Pierre Bacon, another EMS district chief, came in at $127,037.20.

Maria Gomer, the county’s manager of food and nutrition services, earned $126,909.21 last year while Brittany Raymond made $126,527.42 as a primary care paramedic. Registered nurse Kim Hodgson earned $126,213.45 last year while human resources business partner Linda Greenwood had a 2023 salary of $126,007.19. Tammy Allen, a primary care paramedic, earned $125,981.70. Gary Filiatrault, also a human resources business partner, had his 2023 salary listed as $125,357.77.

Registered nurses Carol Barrette and Shane Van Roie  made $124,822.35 and $124,047.76 respectively last year.

EMS district chief John Conlon earned $123,621.72 last year. Manager of accounting – operations Amy Wolters earned $122,112.38, followed by primary care paramedics Dino Soulliere and Michael Sherwood at $121,907.44 and $121,233.93 respectively.

EMS captain of professional standards Stacey-Lyn Shepley earned $120,722.51 last year while advanced care paramedic Brandon Bellehumeur earned $120,050.90. Kristine Malott, a registered nurse, earned $119,844.90. Two assistant directors of nursing – Brittany Roach and Laura McKee – earned $119,825.35 and $119,735.35 respectively.

Kim Boismier, a primary care paramedic, earned $119,225.36 last year while EMS professional services captain Ljubisa Trpkovski made $118,993.90. Manager of accounting and deputy treasurer Heidi McLeod made the list with a salary of $118,482.91 with primary care paramedic Amanda McCarton earning $118,113.88 last year.

The county’s director of human resources Kristie Cronin earned $117,858.37 in 2023. Primary care paramedic John Andrukonis earned $117,139.34 while personal support worker Joshua Gagnon earned $116,742.06. Manager of administration with EMS Danielle Dunlop earned $116,740.28 with Ahmed Salim Sarwar, a primary care paramedic, earning $116,673.88.

Ability and wellness specialist Tanya Fick earned $116,667.32 in 2023 while Adam Droski earned $116,549.91 last year. Manager of communications and organizational development Don McArthur earned $116,231.69 while EMS District Chief Paul Stromme earned $115,843.72.

Primary care paramedics Meaghan Vieira, Stephanie Simetic and Kristian Brocklebank earned $115,775.53, $115,087.33 and $114,784.09 respectively. Advanced care paramedic Andrew Peters made $114,784.09, with primary care paramedics Mary Lou Beneteau and Goran Glisic earning $114,518.55 and $114,355.84 respectively. Advanced care paramedics Matthew Renaud and Gerald Seguin earned $114,059.41 and $114,051.96 respectively and Aaron Thomson, a primary care paramedic, earned $114,034.97.

Vulnerable patient navigator Krista Hillier earned $113,851.74 followed by advanced care paramedics Richard St. Pierre at $113,452.25 and Lance Huver at $113,176.93. EMS deputy chief of planning and physical resources Christopher Grant earned $112,554.05. Primary care paramedic Luca Distefano made $112,440.23 while EMS district chief Adrien Bezaire earned $112,157.40. Primary care paramedic Elena Ung earned $112,099.47.

Advanced care paramedics Steven Jacobs and Tricia Rousseau had 2023 salaries listed as $111,957.40 and $111,919.77 respectively. Matthew Dohan, a vulnerable patient navigator, made $111,904.05 with roads maintenance supervisor Roger Demars earning $111,846.50.

Primary care paramedics Patrick Fields, Jamie Hamlin and Dawn Hodges earned $111,673.82, $111.587.59 and $111,562.11. Manager of design and construction Karyn Templin was listed with a salary of $111,494.35 while vulnerable patient navigator Holly Beck earned $111,320.45. Advanced care paramedic Tyler Ceballo earned $110,992.05 with primary care paramedic Jacob Vincent making $110,941 71.

Advanced care paramedic Raif Serifi earned $110,415.28 last year with Suhaib Hammoud, an advanced care paramedic, earning $110,254.29. Manager of records and accessibility/deputy clerk Katherine Hebert earned $110,052.79 in 2023 with Daina Waterfield earning $109,932.78.

Manager of corporate health and safety Brady Boghean earned $109,927.25 while advanced care paramedic Scott Miller earned $109,906.98.

Primary care paramedics April Roberts, Jenna Diamante, Kailyn Renaud, Trent Resendes, Daniel Pickel and Daniel Reaume earned $109,841.62, $109,657.40, $109,401,89, $109,352.75, $109,337.91 and $109,243.11 respectively.

Advanced care paramedic Joshua Benoot earned $109,052.25 while registered nurse Adam Snively earned $108,411.78. Advanced care paramedic John Rinaldi Ross earned $108,369.41 with primary care paramedics Patrick Biczysko ($108,122.46) and Tim Taggart ($107.672.61) listed next. EMS district chief Trevor Lee had a 2023 salary as $107,672.31. Primary care paramedic Keyona Atkins earned $107,384.38 with assistant director of nursing Jillian Gabr listed at $107,305.43.

Primary care paramedic Kimberly Moroun earned $107,241.45 with Karrie Ferguson, the supervisor of staff scheduling at the Sun Parlour Home, earning $107,236.09. Primary care paramedic Carman Cioffi earned $107,084.30 and primary care paramedic Christopher Deschaine made $106,822.88. Advanced care paramedics Catherine Driedger and Kevin Demarco earned $106,822.88 and $106,395.07 respectively. Primary care paramedics Caullin Rundle earned $106,169.31 and Isidor Cusumano earned $106,169.31 and $105,975.05 respectively. Advanced care paramedic Kristen Lo Mascolo earned $105,837.33. A trio of primary care paramedics were next with Michael Purdy listed at $105,344.55, Anna Mitrev at $105,296.34 and Amanda Atkinson at $105,133.45. Advanced care paramedic George Shkeli was listed at $105,119.28 and project manager for infrastructure services Daniel Baggio made $105,103.58 last year. Primary care paramedics Dawn Newman and Tyler Tofflemire earned $104,9910.28 and $104,077.18 respectively with Jamieson Gemmell earning $104,790.39 as an advanced care paramedic.

The next four listed are primary care paramedics including Lindsay Willar at $104,755.92, Aaron Campeau at $104,678, Jennifer Titus and $104,595.74 and Nicole Hearn at $104,564.21. EMS district chief Nicholas Jovanovic earned $104,560.72 last year. EMS captain of professional standards Michella Mollicone earned $104,294.17. Primary care paramedic Delaney MacDonald earned $104,278.46 while Mechelle Murphy, an EMS district chief, had her salary reported at $104,276.73.

Primary care paramedics Chaudri Ali, Debra Dufour and Keith Affleck earned $104,186.91, $104,124.24 and $104.043.36 respectively. Network administrator Jim Gignac earned $103,975.54.

The next six listed were all primary care paramedics - Nick Chiarappa ($103,945.84), Jeffrey Warren ($103.820.95), Christopher Trudell ($103,816.04), Marisa Stratis ($103,783.30), Salvatore Bertucci and Erick Potvin ($103,649.89). Advanced care paramedic Meikel Gobet checked in at $103,630.22.

The lone politician on the list was Warden Hilda MacDonald. Her remuneration was $103,534.25 last year.

Ian Nash earned $103,397.92, Meaghan Lyons earned $103,382.29, Kaitlynne Rawlings made $103,380.76, Che-Lyn Marier earned $103,363.42, Catherine O’Dwyer checked in at $103,142.15 while Matthew Titus made $103,142.15 in 2023. All are primary care paramedics.

Donna Moss, an advanced care paramedic earned $103,077.75, followed by another group of primary care paramedics – Shelly Nguyen ($103,051.88), Cody Armstrong ($102,904.72), Lauren Dowhan ($102,864.34), Brian Boismier ($102,821.68), Patrick Lee ($102,749.37), Arthur Bobek ($102,428.23), Amanda Veldhuis ($102,374.59), Wayne Russelo ($102,218.59), Kody Lauzon ($102,200.61) and Christopher Dziedzic ($102,158.88).

Manager of procurement and compliance Sandra Hawken earned $102,122.65 followed by 12 primary care paramedics – Laura Gosselin ($101,981.40), James Jovanovic ($101,893.25), Courtney Jovanovic ($101,852.12), Mackenzie Morkin ($101,803.76), Shelby Curran ($101,673.99), Eric Wismer ($101,651.37), Mitchell Postma ($101,506,28), Lauren Clark ($101,279.14), Chanelle Champagne ($101,209.86), Rose Pizzuti ($100,683.83), Adam Knight ($100,653.20), and Anthony DeSantis ($100,634.79).

Advanced care paramedic Thomas LeClair earned $100,450.40 last year with primary care paramedics Alicia Wilson and Sara Szwaczka making $100,412.55 and $100,391.63 respectively. Assistant director of nursing Mikayla Kudroch earned $100,390 last year and the county’s list was rounded out by primary care paramedics Irvin Alvarez ($100,351.13) and Nicole Duchesne ($100,085.36).

Principals, vice principals, teachers and educators from both the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) and Windsor-Essex County District School Board (WECDSB) also made the “Sunshine List.” Among the principals with the GECDSB were North Star High School principal Melissa DeBruyne, who earned $140,189 last year. Anderdon Public School principal Mat Burkhart earned $127,637.60 and Amherstburg Public School principal James Cowper earned $132,339.60. Malden Central Public School principal David Dawson had his 2023 salary listed as $126,052.81.

With the WECDSB, St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School principal Danielle Desjardins earned $139,443.57 while Stella Maris principal Marisa Wismer earned $130,546.25. St. Joseph School principal Michael Cusinato earned $137,527.04.

Diana Bala, principal at École St.-Jean Baptiste, earned $124,625.47 last year.

“Sunshine List” revealed for 2023 public sector employees

By Ron Giofu


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