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Taxpayer urges town council to reconsider 2024 budget before passing it

This is the letter I have submitted to town council regarding the budget. This letter is written with the hope that mayor and council will review the 2024 budget again before passing it. 

Council, please stop and think about those that you are hurting. 

Seniors on fixed pensions, those on social assistance, those on disability pensions, single parents with dependents, those who are on employment insurance, those who send their children to school hungry and cold as they already try to save heating bills without taxes being raised in 2024. 

Please change your point of view and work towards saving money for taxpayers and renters (rent to cover tax increase is allowed within the Landlord Tenant Act). 

Financial institutions clearly over and over state the high percentages of families that are within a few hundred dollars of total financial collapse. 

Target a budget to look after only town necessities i.e. police, fire, roads. 

Those of us that can pay, actually get hit twice. First with the actual tax increase and secondly through charity as we reach into wallets to donate to those that cannot pay higher taxes and try look after the necessities for a family. 

Again, please review your expenditures and remove items that are in no way necessary to make Amherstburg a livable place for all residents. 

We all want to sleep in a warm home with a full stomach and not worrying about family survival due to money issues. 

Please run the town’s finances as we all run our household finances. We live within our fixed income budget. 

Respectfully submitted,

—Del Oxford


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