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Town appoints Michael Mio as its new fire chief, effective Sept. 16

New fire chief poses for photo

The Town of Amherstburg has announced the appointment of Michael Mio as the Fire Chief/CEMC designate of the Amherstburg Fire Department. 

According to a news release issued Tuesday morning right before the RTT went to press, Michael Mio will commence his duties Sept. 16. Mio is succeeding Chief Bruce Montone, who will be re-entering retirement after fulfilling the role since 2017. 

Mio served with the Windsor Fire and Rescue Services since 1994, including a portion of this time under Montone, Mio has advanced through the ranks until most recently as assistant chief of the Fire and Rescue Division. 

“Deepening his experience and contributions, Mio dedicates his expertise as a Lead Evaluator and Proctor for the Office of the Fire Marshall and is the proud owner/operator of a small business supporting Windsor/Essex County and beyond over the last 30 years,” the town’s press release states. 

Mio holds certifications in emergency management, incident management, Blue Card Command as well as many NFPA certifications. Additionally, he holds leadership level certifications in fire management as well as workplace mental health and wellness. 

Mio’s professional contributions include extensive commitment and focus to health and safety, emergency and incident management and in his significant and meaningful contributions and advancements in the role of Hazmat Materials Responder at the local and provincial levels. 

“Michael is most proud of his role in the development of the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Hazardous Materials Curriculum used to train responders throughout the Province of Ontario,” the town’s release states. 

Mio currently serves as team lead for the Windsor Level 3 Provincial Hazardous Materials Response Team and is most proud of their teams’ accomplishments. Mio has been described by his new employer as “instrumental in the early development and success of the City of Windsor Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) program ensuring public access to defibrillators in case of a medical emergency.”

“Mio extends his efforts and commitment to the community in his dedication of time and resources supporting local youth sports, community events and initiatives as well as volunteering on various committees and focus groups,” the news release adds. “Mio expressed excitement and commitment to further his career in the role of fire chief. He brings an enthusiastic, results-driven approach that is based on a high level of ethics, respect, communication and positive team culture which encourages others to achieve a high standard of performance and service. We very much look forward to having Fire Chief Michael Mio join us in the fall at which time he will initiate the execution of a strategic transition plan that will form the beginnings of the future leadership and direction of the Amherstburg Fire Department.”

By RTT Staff

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Dave Smithkin
Dave Smithkin
07 de jul.

Why must so many of our municipal high-paid employees be Windsor re-treads? Do you really think a guy in his 50s is going to want to modernize the direction and thinking of our town fire service? What I envision is a guy who is tickled to be making more dough (85% pension + 6-figures from Aburg) to keep the proverbial chair from floating up to the ceiling. Will he at least move to town, or live in east Windsor like the current guy, burning lots of town fuel going to/from his townhome the other side of WFCU Centre? What a great gig....where do the rest of us sign up?

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